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Avocado Waffle: our favorite of the brunch

Star of the brunch, avocado toast, become our iconic dish since 2017.


Great classic of American brunch, at Bartholomé avocado toast is made on a waffle! It is an emblematic of our restaurant, a salty waffle topped with sliced avocado, an open-air poached egg, green salad, feta AOP, dukkah with hazelnut and honey mustard. 


Rich in nutrients, avocado waffle combines pleasure and well-being.

This dish is ideal for a vegetarian brunch but you can also add salmon or bacon on demand.

Our favourite supplement:

Smoked salmon

The chef's secret :

                             Our homemade dukkah with hazelnut that sublimates the seasoning by giving a little crunch

The origin of the Avocado Toast

Avocado toast, a culinary trend born in the 90s, has conquered the world thanks to its marriage between creamy avocado and toast. Its meteoric rise is explained by its attractive visual and nutritional values.

Popularized by food bloggers in North America, avocado toast enjoyed viral exposure on social media, propelling this simple dish to the rank of brunch staple. 


The Avocado Waffle that we offer at Bartholomé, will seduce fans of avocado, with all its flavors and textures for a healthy brunch but very greedy.

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