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French toast : our sweet star

Our iconic French Toast is a pain perdu revisited with orange blossom and crushed pistachios, it is served with our homemade whipped cream.


It is soaked in orange blossom and vanilla, all sprinkled with crunchy pistachios allowing an explosion of itsworms!

Its very particular taste will make you vibrate with pleasure, enough to finish your brunch at Bartholomé on a beautiful sweet note

The chef's secret: 

                              The vanilla that gives this fragrant taste to our device

The origin of French toast


French toast, also known as "French toast" in English, has ancient origins and its history dates back centuries. His invention is often attributed to an ingenious method of reusing stale bread.

In France, the term "pain perdu" appeared in the 17th century. It is said that the recipe was popular in French households, where people looked for creative ways not to waste food, including stale bread. French toast was often served sweetened, with sugar, cinnamon, and sometimes maple syrup.

In the United States, French toast is also rooted in culinary history.

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