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Egg Benedicte: a sure bet for brunch 

Opt for the Bénédicte egg for a memorable brunch.

Here again, we twisted this famous recipe by adding cayenne pepper to our homemade hollandaise sauce. All in a toasted bun, poached egg, accompanied by grilled bacon or smoked salmon.

For even more fun, adding avocado is possible!

As you have thought of everything, a gluten-free option is offered to intolerant people;)

Our favourite supplement:


The chef's secret : 

                              The butter must be clarified before emulsifying with the egg yolks to give this smooth and shiny texture to the hollandaise sauce

The origin of the Egg Benedict

The Bénédicte egg is a culinary creation of American origin. It is often attributed to an American chef named Lemuel Benedict.


According to legend, in 1894, Benedict ordered this dish at the Waldorf Hotel in New York to relieve his hangover. The hotel then added this recipe to its menu under the name "Eggs Benedict".


The classic Benedict egg usually consists of an English half muffin topped with bacon or ham, a poached egg and a hollandaise sauce. It has become a staple of brunch menus around the world.

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oeuf béné 2.PNG

Egg Benedict

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