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The essentials of brunch


Avocado waffle

Star of brunches, avocado toast combines simplicity and deliciousness.


We decided to revisit it American style with a waffle!

A savory waffle garnished with avocado, a free-range poached egg, green salad, AOP feta, hazelnut dukkah and honey mustard...

The eggBénédicte

Opt for the eggs Benedict for a memorable brunch experience.

Here again, we have twisted this famous recipe by adding cayenne pepper to our homemade Hollandaise sauce.

Bacon pancakes

The American brunch classic.

Two generous fluffied pancakes topped with a free-range fried egg, well-grilled bacon, maple syrup and our famous roasted hazelnut butter... 

Chocolate pancakes

Everyone agrees with the banana-chocolate combo!

Served with our delicious homemade chocolate coulis, banana, hazelnut pieces and homemade whipped cream...

The French Toast

The sweet star of brunch!

Our iconic bread endures visit with orange blossom and crushed pistachios, sserved with our homemade whipped cream...

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