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Bacon pancakes : The classics brunch

The American brunch classic.

Two generous fluffied pancakes topped with a free-range fried egg, well-grilled bacon, maple syrup and our famous roasted hazelnut butter... 

A perfect marriage between the sweetness of our pancakes and the smoky flavor of crispy bacon. 

If you are looking to recreate a real American-style brunch, we 100% recommend that you do this.choose our bacon pancakes!

Our favorite supplement:


The chef's secret: 

                             Our homemade roasted hazelnut butter

L'origine des pancakes bacon


The history of bacon pancakes dates back to the early 20th century in the United States, a period when brunch was gaining popularity.


Pancakes, also called hotcakes or flapjacks, have ancient origins and are present in many cultures around the world. 

Bacon, on the other hand, is often eaten for breakfast in American cuisine. This sweet and savory combination has become very popular and is now considered an iconic American brunch option. 

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