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Chocolate pancakes: for a gourmet brunch

What makes our chocolate pancakes unique is the banana-chocolate combo puts everyone in direct agreement!


Two generous fluffie pancakes served with our delicious homemade chocolate coulis, banana, hazelnut chips and homemade whipped cream


Enough to finish your brunch on a sweet note!

The chef's secret :

                               Homemade chocolate coulis, with 64% chocolate, the importance is to melt it very gently

The origin of the banana-chocolate combo


The combination of banana and chocolate is a gourmet combination that has gained popularity over the decades. Although the exact origin of this association cannot be attributed to a single place or time, it can be seen that this combination has evolved through various culinary influences.


The popularity of banana and chocolate together can be partly attributed to the introduction of the banana split, a famous ice sundae, in the 1900s. The combination of bananas, vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, and other toppings helped popularize the idea that bananas and chocolate go well together.


Subsequently, this association extended to other culinary preparations, including desserts, pastries, pancakes, cakes to get to your brunch at Bartholomé!

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pancakes chocolat_.PNG

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